pokies hawaiian island adventures

"When Poke, a spirited rambunctious dog, discovers an ancient map that leads to hidden treasures on the Hawaiian islands, he and friends embark on a thrilling journey filled with mythical creatures, breathtaking landscapes, and unexpected friendships, as he unravels the mysteries of the archipelago and finds himself on an unforgettable Hawaiian island adventure."

*Book 1 in the series*

Discover the Magic of Aloha!

Welcome to the enchanting world of Pokés Hawaiian Island Adventure Books, where imagination meets the tropical paradise of Hawaii. Join our young protagonist, Poké, on thrilling escapades across the Hawaiian Islands, as he discovers the magic of Aloha and encounters incredible creatures along the way. These captivating books will transport readers of all ages to a land of wonder, blending Hawaiian culture, breathtaking landscapes, and the power of friendship.

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Rita Zachelmayer